On Balanced Colorings of the n-Cube

William Y.C. Chen and Larry X.W. Wang

  Abstract:  A 2-coloring of the n-cube in the n-dimensional Euclidean space can be considered as an assignment of weights of 1 or 0 to the vertices. Such a colored n-cube is said to be balanced if its center of mass coincides with its geometric center. Let B n, 2k be the number of balanced 2-colorings of the n-cube with 2k vertices having weight 1. Palmer, Read and Robinson conjectured that for n≥ 1, the sequence is symmetric and unimodal. We give a proof of this conjecture. We also propose a conjecture on the log-concavity of Bn, 2k for fixed k, and by probabilistic method we show that it holds when n is sufficiently large.

  AMS Classification:  05A20, 05D40

  Keywords:  unimodalily, n-cube, balanced coloring

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