Derangement Polynomials and Excedances of Type B

William Y.C. Chen, Robert L. Tang and Alina F.Y. Zhao

  Abstract:  Based on the notion of excedances of type B introduced by Brenti, we give a type B analogue of the derangement polynomials. The connection between the derangement polynomials and Eulerian polynomials naturally extends to the type B case. Using this relation, we derive some basic properties of the derangement polynomials of type B, including the generating function formula, the Sturm sequence property, and the asymptotic normal distribution. We also show that the derangement polynomials are almost symmetric in the sense that the coefficients possess the spiral property.

  AMS Classification:  05A15, 05A19

  Keywords:  signed permutation, q-derangement polynomial of type B, Eulerian polynomial of type B, spiral property, limiting distribution

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