The Bivariate Rogers-Szegö Polynomials

William Y.C. Chen, Husam L. Saad and Lisa H. Sun

 Abstract:  We present an operator approach to deriving Mehler's formula and the Rogers formula for the bivariate Rogers-Szegö polynomials hn(x, y|q). The proof of Mehler's formula can be considered as a new approach to the nonsymmetric Poisson kernel formula for the continuous big q-Hermite polynomials Hn(x; a|q) due to Askey, Rahman and Suslov. Mehler's formula for hn(x, y|q) involves a 3ø2 sum and the Rogers formula involves a 2ø1 sum. The proofs of these results are based on parameter augmentation with respect to the q-exponential operator and the homogeneous q-shift operator in two variables. By extending recent results on the Rogers-Szegö polynomials hn(x|q) due to Hou, Lascoux and Mu, we obtain another Rogers-type formula for hn(x, y|q). Finally, we give a change of base formula for Hn(x; a|q) which can be used to evaluate some integrals by using the Askey-Wilson integral.

 AMS Classifications: 5A30, 33D45

 Keywords:  The bivariate Rogers-Szegö polynomials, the continuous big q-Hermite polynomials, the Cauchy polynomials, the q-exponential operator, the homogeneous q-shift operator

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